LIHEDE: A Brief History 

In April 2003, Mr. Nat Galarea Gbessagee, Mr. Siahyonkron Nyanseor, and Dr. Syrulwa Somah, along with a few friends and family members, organized our first symposium on his campus on the topic, “African Governance, Philosophical Thought & Rule Of Law,” to coincide with the official launching of Dr. Somah's book, “Nyanyan Gomnan: History, Migration, and Government of the Bassa.” The symposium and the book dealt with themes of leadership and governance structures and practices in Africa, especially among the Bassa ethnic group, whose origin can be traced to ancient Egypt , the Sudan , and now Liberia . click here to read more.    

LIHEDE Works To Save The Liberian People From Malaria Epidemic In The New Liberia Click here to read more.

Dr. Somah meets with  Vice President Dr. Joseph Boakai

Watch videos and interviews from LIHEDE symposium on " "Combating Malaria in Post-Conflict Liberia: A Lesson for the Rest of Africa"

LIHEDE and Liberia Environmental Watch (LEW) Collaborate on National Environmental Conference & Dinner (Nov. 9, 2009) Click here for events' details.

Preventable Malaria Kills 21,500 Liberians Annually says Liberian Health Ministry. Click here to read report.

Read Dr. Somah's featured article in The Analyst Newspaper titled "THE GANTA TROPICAL STORM: A Challenge To Liberia's Environment". To read entire article click here.

LIHEDE Applauds  Chinese Government's   Effort to combat malaria in Liberia:
Greensboro (April 20, 2006): The Liberian History, Education, & Development, Inc. (LIHIDE) is gratified by the effort of the Chinese government to send two anti-malaria team of experts to help train about fifty Liberians  to combat the infectious but curable disease,  malaria. Click here to read more


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